My use case is:

  • Omni Channel Queue based routing enabled. Presence Configuration capacity:1
  • Bot enabled and configured
  • Snap-in deployment in use
  • Chat Button level "Enable Queue" is checked and "Overall queue size: 10"

test scenario 1 (Bot enabled): - 1 Agent online, 1st chat initiated, chat successfully received by agent. - 2nd chat initiated, Agent was at capacity hence chat abruptly cancelled. NO AGENT dialog auto called by flow. THIS PROVES QUEUING IS NOT WORKING as it should.

test scenario 2 (Bot disabled): - After pre-chat form submitted by 2nd Customer. - Chat went into queue as Agent had one item already accepted. - Moment agent dropped the first chat, 2nd chat is routed to the available agent. THIS PROVES SAME SETUP OF QUEUING IS WORKING but when BOT is disabled.

Have anyone got any idea, how can we queue the chats even if agent is at capacity, with bot configured as a part of solution. Any help and pointers will be much appreciated.


What's your Routing Configuration setup? You will have to Associate Routing Configurations and Agents with Queues - https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=service_presence_associate_routing_configuration_with_queue.htm&type=5

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