I am working on an HR ticket flow with required fields. I have the flow working to close a ticket in Classic, but not in Lightning.

Here is what happens

  1. I clone a Closed ticket with all required fields populated
  2. I save it in Draft, Press Close Button.
  3. I get asked to put One field "Resolution" that did not transfer from old to new ticket.

Now, this part is where I see a difference:

  • In Classic: I enter a value in Resolution and it closes the ticket ok.
  • In Lightning: I Enter the Resolution, Save, GO back to the form and all required fields are blank now, deleted. I pres CLOSE - get asked to enter the required fields and I do, then Next, then I get asked to input the Resolution field again. When I do - the other fields are empty again. and it goes on like that keeping in draft.

Why is this happening? I am afraid to touch settings on flow, as it is working in Classic.

CLonning a closed ticket image

Resolution field did not pass rhgouth

When entered Resolution, other required fields got blank

Entered required fields in screen component

Resolution is blank again

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