Please help . I am receiving a syntax error for this formula. Tried many ways. Not able to figure out. I am sure i must be doing something silly.

Error: Syntax error. Missing '='

    CONTAINS( "Easy|Hard", TEXT([ServiceAppointment].WorkType.Name)),
    ISPICKVAL([ServiceAppointment].Status, "Scheduled"),
    NOT($User.Data_Migration_User__c ),
    NOT(ISBLANK([ServiceAppointment].ContactId ))
  • Is Data_Migration_User__c a boolean? if not use = to compare with some value – Pranav Parakh Jan 31 at 4:56

The [ObjectName] syntax applies for Process builder formulas and according to the tags on your question, you are trying to build a workflow rule.

Assuming that the workflow rule is being executed from ServiceAppointment object, then you can reference the merged fields directly in the formula like this:

    CONTAINS( "Easy|Hard", TEXT(WorkType.Name)),
    ISPICKVAL(Status, "Scheduled"),
    NOT($User.Data_Migration_User__c ),
    NOT(ISBLANK(ContactId ))

Hope this helps

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