I want to hide the salutation field from contact layout (Mr, Mrs, Ms). Just First name and last name should be visible. can you please help me with this.


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I got a workaround for this. We can do this via javascript. Please follow the steps below:

• Create a Home Page Component of type HTML Area

• Under Name, give it a name like DOT (.), so that the component does not get displayed.

• Add a JavaScript within the component which gets fired on page load for ex --

<script type="text/javascript"> 
var str = document.URL; // To fetch Salesforce URL
var edit = str.indexOf("/e?"); // To check if the record is in edit mode
var contactId = str.indexOf("/003"); // to check if the record is a Contact record
if(edit  > -1 && contactId > -1 ){ //when user just want to hide the contact standard field only when record is in edit mode
    window.onload = function(){ 
                                return function(){
                                    if(document.getElementById('--FieldId--') != null){ 
                                        document.getElementById('--FieldId--').style.display = 'none';   

• Now add the component to you Home Page Layout and assign the layout to proper profiles.

I hope this will help. Thanks

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