I am trying to push the code to my scratch org through VS Code using following command - sfdx force:source:push --json --loglevel fatal But getting following error on VS Code.

ERROR_HTTP_414" - "Bad Message 414 reason: URI Too Long

Since this is happening at backend using push SFDX command, not able to see the request URI.

Is there any limitation on the content to be pushed through SFDX push commmad.

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    This is a similar error to the one I encountered when using anonymous apex. A complete shot in the dark, but it may be that your project is too big (trying to push too many files). A packet capture/analyzer like Wireshark might help you debug this further. – Derek F Jan 30 at 15:41
  • Thank you @DerekF, will try to use Wireshark to debug. – Shrivaths Kulkarni Jan 31 at 7:30

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