I've sent an In-App message via a Journey where the button "A" has been assigned with the action "Open page in app".

Everything seems to work OK but I am not sure about the "actionType"

I am using the modal template.

    actionAndroid = "xxxx"; => OK
    actionIos = "xxxx"; => OK
    actionType = close; => ??? How could I set a different value here?
    backgroundColor = 0xFFFBFBF9; => OK
    borderColor = 0xFFC9C7C5; => OK
    fontColor = 0xFF706E6B; => OK
    id = "xxxx"; => OK
    index = 0; => OK
    text = "More details "; => OK

You need to select "URL" in the Marketing Cloud UI when creating the button for the message.

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