I'm trying to create a link to the FSL app, from the Salesforce app. Both in Android based apps only.

The link is to be added into a LWC component (could be a link/button/..., it doesn't matter). That LWC component is within the Saleforce app, the link needs to open up the FSL app.

I just can't work out how to create the link itself. I've read the documentation on FSL deep linking and I know I have the schema correct as I can open the following from Slack on my phone for instance: com.salesforce.fieldservice://v1/WorkOrder/<myWoId>

I'm at a loss on how to create the link itself however, in an HTML tag.

I've read through posts on different forums and that one for instance refers to opening android apps from a web page: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11773958/open-android-application-from-a-web-page But then no idea what the action/host would be in this scenario?

Anyone has done this / know how to do this? It seems very silly and according to Salesforce you can do it, I am completely missing the right incantation though...

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