I have a JSON payload I'm processing from a REST API web service in Salesforce. I converted the JSON to a DTO object in APEX with the following:

WorkOrderDTO Class

global class WorkOrderDTO extends DTO {

    public List<LineItem> OrderItems {get; set;}

    public class LineItem {
        public string Service {get; set;}

WorkOrderAPI Class

public class WorkOrderAPI {

    WorkOrderDTO WO = (WorkOrderDTO) JSON.deserialize(RestContext.request.requestBody.toString(), WorkOrderDTO.class);

    for(Object lineItem :  WO.OrderItems){
        String service = String.valueOf(lineItem.Service);

Unfortunately when I attempt a simple dot notation like through the lineItem inner class, I get the following error message:

Variable does not exist: Service

I believe I had this working at one time previously so I feel like I'm just missing a small detail. Appreciate the help.


You should typecast lineItem variable as well before using as a plain object like below:

WorkOrderDTO.LineItem li = (WorkOrderDTO.LineItem)lineItem;
String service = String.valueOf(li.Service);

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