I am creating a Formula field that returns texts when:

  1. 1Picklist_Status = Activated, the return text should be A else null
  2. 2Picklist_Status = Sold, the return should be B else null
  3. 1Picklist_Status = ChangeofMind , the return should be C else null

So these are 2 picklist fields that would update the formula field if a OR b is true. The problem here is that my return type is text, so I can't use OR parameter. pls help

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    I think it would be helpful if you would include the formula that you've tried to write so far. Using OR() should work regardless of the formula return type, but you might be using it incorrectly. Showing us the formula you currently have would make it easy to see any such issues. You should edit your question to include that.
    – Derek F
    Jan 28, 2020 at 18:15

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If they are different fields:

IF(ISPICKVAL(Field1, 'value1'), 'A',
IF(ISPICKVAL(Field2, 'value2'), 'B',
IF(ISPICKVAL(Field3, 'value3'), 'C',

If they are the same field:

CASE(Field, 'value1','A','value2','B','value3','C',null)

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