We have a custom preference center, with opt-out changes landing in a data extension. I would like to create an exclusion script for Journey Builder sends that takes into account the opt-outs from preference changes and/or general opt-out in real-time from the Master Permission data extension. The Master Permission DE has the following columns: Contact_Key (unique identifier for contacts & PrimaryKey), OptIn (boolean), OptIn_Electronic_Pricelist (boolean), OptIn_New_Launches (boolean). For this use-case, I would need the exclusion script to check if a contact has OptIn_New_Launches = false AND OptIn = false

Here's the code I used from SF KnowledgeBase, but I don't know how to apply it to this situation:

ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("Master_Permission","Contact_Key", _subscriberkey))>0

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Your Exclusionscript should probably be like this:

ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("Master_Permission","Contact_Key", _subscriberkey, "OptIn_New_Launches",0,"OptIn",0))>0

0 inside being effectively a "false" when i remember correctly, for your LookUp against the Columns "OptIn_New_Launches" and "Optin"


ROWCOUNT(LOOKUPROWS("Master_Permission","Contact_Key", _subscriberkey, "OptIn_New_Launches",false,"OptIn",false))>0

That should be your ExclusionScript. Test it though. You just needed to ask for two more conditions.

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