I am stuck with Einstein analytics union action. Scenario:

I have 3 columns Column A, Column B and Column C with value Column A-B.There is a grouping with one salesforce field.

The challenge over here is I want show the values through stack bar chart but on a single line.

Here is the SAQL query for the same:

q = load "Commitment_Dataset2020";
q_A = filter q by 'Type__c' == "Commitment";
q_B = filter q by 'Type__c' == "Proposal";
result = group q_A by 'Opportunity.Commit' full, q_B by 'Opportunity.Commit';
result = foreach result generate coalesce(q_A.'Opportunity.Commit', q_B.'Opportunity.Commit') as 'Opportunity.Commit', sum(q_A.'Gross_Amount__c') as 'Commited_Dollar', sum(q_B.'Gross_Amount__c') as 'Proposal_dollar';
result = foreach result generate 'Opportunity.Commit', 'Commited_Dollar', 'Proposal_dollar', Commited_Dollar - Proposal_dollar as 'Commited_Proposal';
result = order result by ('Opportunity.Commit' asc);
result = limit result 2000;

Currently the chart is : enter image description here

I want the data in one single line.

Thanks in advance.

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