Can we deploy from higher environment(sandbox) to lower environment(sandbox) ?

for example preprod to dev sandbox using change set ?

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Yes, you can deploy from any environment to any other environment. For that you need to connect the two sandbox from deployment setting.

Follow below steps:

Go to your lower environment -> Setup -> Deployment Setting -> Edit in the name of higher environment and then select "Allow inbound changes" and save it.


Yes, you can deploy from higher env. (pre-prod/prod) to lower env.(QA/Dev).

You can see in Setup of every org, there are 2 options: Outbound Change Set - Create change set here to deploy to any Target org. Inbound Change Set - Any incoming change set from any Source org.

It's just they should already have connection established between them. Without connection, you won't be able to upload/deploy.


Yes it's possible, but there is a deployment model to design before setting up change sets. A good practice is to create a staging environment that allows you to do a test deployment before deploying to production (like a full copy sandbox / prod replica). Once you find the model that fits for you just setup the change set connection between the orgs like @salesforce Developer says.

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