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Background: we are using a custom un-subscription center through a page running on external SF platform and all opt outs goes directly in to that master SF system. From marketing(SFMC) perspective, we can include this custom link in all commercial emails (so far good!!), But facing a challenge to understand how can handle the another standard list-unsubscribe header that appears in email clients gmail or IOS etc. which marketing cloud platform adds for any commercials emails(using send classification comm)

Problem statement: what are the possibilities to handle this deviation behavior(list-unsubscribe one) as its quite common use-case to have custom unsubs center?

what are the recommended / best practices ?

  1. Get this option disabled by contacting marketing cloud support team Or possibility to replace this link with custom url but i read sfmc doesn't http option only 'mailto' so i think woudnt be an option

  2. Rather use transactional send classification for commercials emails rand include custom link in all emails to surface option to customer to opt out.

  3. Handle this unsubscribe response via reply to address set up RMM thinggi.

appreciate much support !!Thanks!

  1. No - This will most definitely affect your deliverability and might even block your sender with some ISPs, who simply refuse letting emails through without this header.
  2. No - Using a transactional send classification to send non-transactional mail would result in marketing mail being sent to recipients whose status is set to Unsubscribed in All subs. This is obviously not something you want to do, as it not only goes agains recommendations, but is also illegal.
  3. No - this will also be an overly complex solution.

My approach would be to :

  1. Query Unsubscribe and ListSubscribers data views, to identify the recipients who used list-unsubscribe option.
  2. Output the result into a data extension
  3. Run an SSJS activity which calls an endpoint on the platform responsible for consent management, in order to unsubscribe
  4. Remember to update the status in All Subscribers to active once they opt back in again.
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  • Thank you very much @Lukas Lunow for adding insights, really helped to validate. – mohit chhabra Feb 5 at 8:29
  • You're welcome, @mohitchhabra - remember to upvote/accept – Lukas Lunow Feb 5 at 8:29

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