We have configured SSO through Azure. Conditional access policy token for this application is configured for 24 hours. Application timeout is set for 2 hours. The Mobile App stays connected as expected, however, if the Mobile App is closed and re-opened, the user is required to enter their credentials.

Our goal is to be able to cache the credentials and resume the session in the event that the Mobile App is accidentally closed.

are there any settings that can be configure to achieve this ?


So this, according to the documentation, is not an option for SSO sessions, though it is for other session types as found here:


enter image description here

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  • Thank you Ronnie - you reference workstation profile based session experiences. Does the same apply to the mobile app ? – jbowden Jan 25 at 20:33
  • another question would be if we can configure SSO for workstations and have a different policy for mobile? – jbowden Jan 25 at 23:16
  • Am pretty sure this is organization wide session settings here. But if using a connected app to connect to a custom interface, you could adjust your session settings there, however i think the same rules would apply for SSO session storage – Ronnie Jan 26 at 1:52
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    With connected app refresh token would be apt for such use case. Here in OAUTH access you can permission the app to request refresh tokens. – Mitesh Jan 26 at 12:08
  • Thanks everyone - am trying to determine if we can have a dual purpose environment Posted this question for support: 1.Workstation users will utilize a Microsoft Azure link allowing conditional access and SSO through the Azure AD portal. 2.Mobile users will utilize a different URL that allows authentication and MFA through our Duo Proxy authentication server. Is this possible to do ? – jbowden Jan 31 at 2:15

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