So I have a group of users (around 20 users at least) for which I wish to subscribe the reports as a System Administrator in lightning experience. It is required that only the admin can subscribe and add the users in the list of recipients. These reports have to be scheduled on a daily basis and may show around 200-300 records. I wanted to understand if this would add to the email limits set up for my org or the report subscription mails have a separate limit. Unable to find any clear documentation on this.

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It seems report subscriptions have their own limits that are separate from the email limits Salesforce imposes.

Report Limits, Limitations, and Allocations reference

Some important notes:

  • Users are limited to subscribing to only 5 reports. There's this idea to increase the limit with a recent comment about this being a high priority to change in the next 2-3 releases.
  • Reports display a maximum of 2,000 rows
  • You can have 200 scheduled reports (even those scheduled with no future runs count towards this)

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