i'm having big troubles to fill a map with the data of fields of related objects to the one that is declared as value.

Map<Id,GPMIR_obj_energyLead__c> mapToMap = new Map<Id,GPMIR_obj_energyLead__c>([SELECT Id, 
FROM GPMIR_obj_energyLead__c
WHERE Id IN : mapRelateLeadsWithCommunities.keySet() 
AND IdCommunity__c IN : mapRelateLeadsWithCommunities.values()]);

Here we have three objects:

  1. GPMIR_obj_energyLead__c
  2. SM_Community__c
  3. SM_Installation__c
  4. PointOfDelivery__c

Every one of them is the many in a many to one relationship with the next one in the list

When i debug the Map i'm only getting the fields of GPMIR_obj_energyLead__c (Id,IdCommunity__c,Community__c)

The query is right is SOQL, but there is something wrong in the development

Any idea of what am i doing wrong?

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    the system.debug line won't show the parent recs; you need to use a bit of apex to show the parent fields – cropredy Jan 23 '20 at 22:59

This is a "feature" of System.debug of an sobject

A way to verify:

String[] debugLines = new List<String>();
for (ID recId : mapToMap.keySet() ) {
  GPMIR_obj_energyLead__c rec = mapToMap.get(recId);
  debugLines.add(rec + ' ' + rec.Community__r.Name__c +  ' ' +  ....);


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