Hi I refreshed my org in order to have the latest changes from Spring 20' release, and I noticed a change in the input type currency when I try to type the decimal value separated by a dot ('.'), it's not recognised at all so 123.45 on the input is read as 12345. Anyone found a similar issue?

I even tried the example found in their documentation of LWC input type currency: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/bundle/lightning-input/example

Edit: Seems to happen with Spanish (Spain) locale but in another org without Spring 20' and the same locale it works


For lightning-input working as a currency you should use :

  1. type="number"
  2. formatter="currency"
  3. step= (say) "0.01"

For example -

<lightning-input type="number" name="input1" label="Enter a currency" formatter="currency" value={val} onchange={setVal} step="0.01"></lightning-input>

Take a good idea of "step" attribute from here - Lightning:inputField not allowing decimal numbers to be inserted

  • I have that as I stated I copied the standard example and it's not working properly as of Spring 20' preview, the example is: <lightning-input type="number" name="input7" label="Number field with currency formatter" value="123.45" formatter="currency" step="0.01"></lightning-input> – Onceler Kenpachi Jan 23 '20 at 9:01

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