I have built a form using the flow builder and I would like the "Next" button to be disabled until all required conditions are met.

Is this functionality possible to implement using the flow builder?

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You can do this, but not without creating an Aura-Component.

At first you have to create the component and make sure it implements the lightning:availableForFlowScreens-Interface (so you can use it inside the flow). A good place to start would be: Customize the Flow Footer with an Aura Component

Than by defining some parameters in the components design file you can pass values from your flow to the component. Depending on this values you could hide/display the buttons.

Inside your flow-screen you can disable the default-footer, and replace it with your new custom component.


Yes, you can if you're not using sub-flows, then just unchecked Next/Finish. enter image description here

If you are using a subflow, the aforementioned won't prevent the navigation, you would of to use a boolean output variable then outside of the subflow create a decision element to prevent next navigation.

  • I just want it to be disabled when all required conditions are not met. If all required conditions are met I want the next button to be enabled. That was my question.
    – Nino Y
    Commented Jan 24, 2020 at 23:35

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