We have a requirement of displaying email performance data (for eg: Open rate, click rate, bounce rate, etc etc) for all emails in a dashboard in Marketing Cloud. I am aware of generating reports but not sure about dashboard creation. Could someone help me out ?

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    There is no out of the box dashboards available for showing general email metrics for SFMC. My suggestion is to build a solution based on a custom app where you will be able to fetch the metrics and show them using custom charts, gauges, etc. However a detailed guidance on how to achieve this is outside of this site's scope. – Lukas Lunow Jan 22 at 13:23
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    If you have the Marketing Cloud Connector, you can leverage reports on Sales/Service Cloud. You'll be limited to data synchronized back to Sales/Service, but you'll get much more choices in term of report types/objects .. – Rachid Mamai Jan 22 at 13:40
  • Hi Lukas. Thanks for your response and I am wondering how we could connect in order to seek your assistance regarding the detailed guidance. – Sourab Mund Jan 22 at 18:09
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    Hi @SourabMund . If you require help from Salesforce, which goes beyond what support provides, my advice will be to involve their professional services. This is however a billable engagement. – Lukas Lunow Jan 22 at 21:20

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