Today I started a Chimera scan from https://security.secure.force.com/sourcescanner/chimera__chimera_portal to scan an external API we use in an ISV app which is going into Security Review soon.

Instead of having results after a short time the Scans send a result email pointing to a page which says the scan has failed with this message:

Unfortunately, one or more of our scanners were unable to successfully complete a scan of the target you provided. This may be due to a Chimera-related technical fault, an inability of our servers to communicate with yours, or a job timeout due to the size of your target.

We recommend that you run a manual ZAP scan against your target and utilize those results in addition to any results provided below. Rest assured that our technical team has been notified and will investigate.

And the scans are restarted over and over again. The scans are directed to a URL of the form https://demoapi.customer.de/api with given Username and Password. The token was placed in the root folder of this server so it will be found when calling https://demoapi.customer.de/ and https://demoapi.customer.de/api.

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How can I stop them and how can I fix them? I don't want to use the complicated ZAP tool.

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The Chimera token was in the correct directory but could not be accessed. As soon as we changed the server settings Chimera ran and ended all its scan runs.

I still think that it is an error on the Chimera side to restart new scans in case of such an error.

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