So, I'm running the SFDC Labs app Guest User Access Report that outlines what permissions a Community Guest User has

The report enumerates permissions where the guest user has potential risk given that a specific permission has been granted to the Guest User.

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Now, in most cases, I was able to match the permissions API name to the friendly name available in the UI. But in some cases, I could not find the related permission in the Guest User profile:

  • permissionsenablenotifications (Send Outbound Messages? - can't be disabled)
  • permissionsemailtemplatemanagement (Nothing like this at all in a guest user profile)
  • permissionsemailadministration (Nothing like this at all in a guest user profile)
  • permissionsallowuniversalsearch (Appears to be Knowledge One)
  • permissionsuseweblink (Appears to be "Allow Access to Customized Actions")

I found this excel file via a Spring 14 Help article .. the actual Help article I can not find. This spreadsheet does map labels to API names but is not current.

Where is the doc on the mapping of permission friendly names to API names?

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I found them using the Salesforce Inspector Chrome Add-on on a profile in my org. I click on show all data (tooling api) and see the below which matches up well with what you already got:

  1. permissionsenablenotifications - Send Outbound Messages.
  2. permissionsemailtemplatemanagement - Manage Email Templates
  3. permissionsemailadministration - Email Administration
  4. permissionsallowuniversalsearch- Knowledge One
  5. permissionsuseweblink - Allow Access to Customized Actions

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I pulled all the Permissions from the profile/salesforce inspector into an excel sheet and uploaded it to my google drive so you can see here.


Thanks @KrisGoncalves

Now that I see this, an alternative answer is to use Workbench and do a describe on the profile sobject (albeit, less convenient than seeing it all laid out per the Salesforce Inspector)

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Here is the link to salesforce Permissionset object. ctrl+f required permission name.


  • Hi Sagar, link only answers tend to break over time hence the downvotes and your answer has been flagged, it's best to screenshot or copy/paste the relevant parts into your answer as well as including the links to the source material.
    – Matt Lacey
    Apr 13, 2021 at 4:27

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