I've got a target DE with the following data privileges:

  • ContactId = PRIMARY KEY
  • Email = Nullable
  • FirstName = Nullable
  • HomeStore = Nullable
  • State = Nullable

I am currently running this query and am resulting in the error message "Cannot insert a NULL value into a non-nullable column. What is interesting is we have several versions of this query for different lists we use and the only thing that is different is the Department__c and Class__c categories.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


enter image description here

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It looks like your 'OR' statement for Department__c needs to be grouped together, as it's evaluating the OR statements in line with the AND statments. For example:

ContactID__c IS NOT NULL OR (Department__c = '2' AND Class_c = 'A')

In the statement above null values are considered valid for ContactID__c if the second part of the expression is true.

Try an extra pair of parentheses before the first and after the last department/class comparisons.

  • Brilliant! Thank you, I put quotes around the first like of Department & Class and that didn't work but when I added the second level of parentheses around the at large OR process it functioned perfectly. Thank you so much!
    – Cameron K
    Jan 20, 2020 at 23:07

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