I am attempting to produce a report which would show all of the objects which have Field Tracking History enabled, as well as the fields which are been tracked.

I see here that it is a property : Metadata types

But I can't figure out how to use that to produce a list. I've been trying to hack it in Workbench, but I can't really get it right.

I also tried using this app : Config Workbook

But that will only export the analysis into separate spreadsheets for each object, which is about 200 in my case. It would be a total nightmare to fish through the results like that.

Does anybody have any ideas on this ? I

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Possible solution is to execute an SOQL to query on FieldDefinition by filtering on IsFieldHistoryTracked to list all fields for which history tracking is enabled and their corresponding objects:

SELECT DeveloperName,EntityDefinition.QualifiedApiName 
from FieldDefinition 
where EntityDefinition.QualifiedApiName != null 
and IsFieldHistoryTracked = true

EntityDefinition.QualifiedApiName represents the custom or standard object API name

DeveloperName from FieldDefinition represents the custom or standard field API name for that object


FieldDefinition and EntityDefinition

  • @zoom_v does the above proposed solution help in resolving your question ?
    – Shamina
    Jan 22, 2020 at 19:22

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