I am struggling to set the sender address when sending a simple email using the Flow's core email action. No matter what I put in the sender address field, the running user's email (my email) appears as the sender.

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The core Send Email action doesn't support an arbitrary email address for the sender - the only possible senders are the user running the flow, the default workflow user, or an organization-wide email address.

Changing the Sender Type will change the default (the current user, as you're seeing) to one of the other possible sender types. The Sender Address is only used to specify an org-wide email address.

From the Flow Core Action: Send Email docs:

Sender Address: The organization-wide email address that's used to send the email. Required only if the Sender Type is set to OrgWideEmailAddress.

Sender Type: Optional. Email address used as the email's From and Reply-To addresses. Valid values are:

  • CurrentUser - Email address of the user running the flow (Default)
  • DefaultWorkflowUser - Email address of the default workflow user
  • OrgWideEmailAddress - The organization-wide email address that is specified in Sender Address.


  • Thank you! That was the clarification I needed. I was putting an organization-wide address in the sender address field, but I wasn't setting the type to OrgWideEmailAddress. Jan 16, 2020 at 23:36

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