I have a Table that I populate with list of objects through Aura Iteration .

One of the column is a lightning:inputField of type look-up , it is inside a lightning:recordEditForm.

The problem is when I update my list , more exactly when this specific field is updated, there is an auto focus on it that scroll the screen on it. Since I can have many rows the screen will always scroll to the bottom of the table where the last lightning:inputField was updated.

How can I, or avoid this auto focus, or get this specific event to execute a scroll top after ?

            <td data-label="Contact">
                <div >
                        <lightning:layoutItem size="10">
                            <lightning:inputField disabled="{!(payment.paymentStatusApiName=='2' || payment.paymentStatusApiName=='3' || payment.paymentStatusApiName=='1')}" onchange="{!c.changeAccountField}" variant="label-hidden" fieldName="Account__c" value="{!payment.Account}"/>
                        <lightning:layoutItem size="2">
                                <aura:if isTrue="{!payment.Account!=null}">
                                    <span  onclick="{!c.viewAccount}" data-accountid="{!payment.Account}">
                                        <lightning:buttonIcon  iconName="utility:preview" size="medium" variant="bare" alternativeText="ראה" iconClass="dark" /> 
            <td data-label="Status">

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