So the current iteration of my website contains several sub-pages on the home page. Navigating from Home, they can go to www.website.com/Home to www.website.com/Home/Directory or www.website.com/Home/version2. In trying to switch to communities, I have yet to find a way to provide that same level of the hierarchy. It seems like Communities only allow users to go one level deep.


Until Winter 21 Release, you could not add the URL level(s) (depth) of custom standard pages. When you try to do that you will get the next error

Include only alphanumeric characters and hyphens

. enter image description here

So you can either

It all depends on the appropriateness of using one or another approach in the context of the set requirements.

UPDATE: Winter 21 Release Own page hierarchy for Lightning Communities is available now. enter image description here

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    Thanks for the response! Your suggestions are appreciated, and I'll see if any of those are viable in the context of the problem.
    – Zpecterr
    Jan 16 '20 at 15:16

It is now possible to add subpages in Lightning Communities. The feature appeared (silently?) sometime after the Summer '20 release - unexpected (did not notice in the release notes) but very welcome.

Add Subpage menu item - yes, sub-sub-pages are possible too

Create subpage name and URL dialog

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