I'm fairly new to SF so please bare with me.

The force:hasRecordId interface provides a component with the recordId attribute. But only in record contexts and, as it seems, only if I drop the component in the content area (v.body of my custom theme layout component) of the community builder.

These unsupported contexts include a few contexts that might seem like they should have access to the current record. Examples of these other contexts include the following:

  • Invoking the component from a global action (even when you’re on a record page)
  • Invoking the component from header or footer navigation in a community (even if the page shows a record)

I also need the current recordId in my custom navigation component, which is placed in the sidebar area. The simpliefied code of my custom theme layout component:

<aura:component implements="forceCommunity:themeLayout" access="global">
 <aura:attribute name="sidebar" type="Aura.Component[]" />
 <div class="sidebar">{!v.sidebar}</div>

The simplified code of my custom navigation component:

<aura:component extends="forceCommunity:navigationMenuBase"
 <div>RecordId: {!v.recordId}</div>

The problem is that in my navigation component, recordId is always empty. But I think I need it to mark the currently visited menu item.

Any clues how to solve this?

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