I have implemented live chat on Android using com.salesforce.service:chat-ui:4.1.0 SDK. The provided UI seems to show the Pre-Chat form, even when only providing hidden ChatUserData to the ChatConfiguration.Builder.


    val chatConfigurationBuilder = ChatConfiguration.Builder(

    var prechatFieldsList = mutableListOf<ChatUserData>()

    val chatUserData = ChatUserData("Meta", "Data", true)


    val chatConfiguration = chatConfigurationBuilder.build()

      .onResult { _, 
        chatUIClient -> chatUIClient.startChatSession(getCurrentActivity()) 

I followed the example provided here

Providing pre-chat fields with both a label and value in the iOS SDK works as expected, where this is considered hidden data and the Pre-Chat form does not appear before initiating the chat.

Another important note, the Pre-Chat form is empty, i.e. there are no fields for the user to input data into. It seems as though the SDK knows these are hidden fields but a bug exists that causes it to show regardless. If no ChatUserData is provided, then the form doesn't show.

Has anyone seen this? Is it a known issue? Is there a fix? Env: - Android 9 API 28 (same behaviour on other versions) - Nexus 5 Emulator - chat-ui:4.1.0

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