From VS Code when trying to run below command

sfdx force:source:deploy --manifest c:\temp_worspace\temp-folder\manifest\package.xml --json --loglevel fatal

Getting below error

UnexpectedFileFound: Unexpected file found in package directory: c:\temp_worspace\temp-folder\force-app\main\default\documents\temp-meta.xml

Same error is occurred while running the retrieve command.

Checked the .forceignore file as well.

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    Seems like you have some unwanted files in the source folder, need to remove those, then try. – rahul gawale Jan 14 at 12:08
  • But the same source i am able to deploy through ant its the only issue with sfdx cli deployment. – RCS Jan 14 at 12:39
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    Ant doesn't deploy Salesforce DX format source - there must be a conversion pass that removes this unnecessary file. – David Reed Jan 14 at 14:32

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