Also new at APEX and this is my first crack at it. I want to update some fields on the CampaignMember object when I catch a Webhook on a force.com site. I have the Webhook working, however I am having issues updating a record in the object.


global class MyService {


global static String doGet() {

String campId = RestContext.request.params.get('campId');
String email = RestContext.request.params.get('email');
String medium = RestContext.request.params.get('medium');
String source = RestContext.request.params.get('source');

String queriedCampaign = [SELECT ID FROM CampaignMember WHERE CampaignMember.CampaignID = :campId AND CampaignMember.Email = :email].ID;

CampaignMember.queriedCampaign.Medium__c = medium;
queriedCampaign.CampaignMember.Source__c = source;

update queriedCampaign.CampaignMember;  


I believe my query is correct, but struggling with the proper syntax to update the record. Thanks in advance for helping a newbie!


Querying A Record

To update a record, you must first have a copy of a record in memory. This means you need a CampaignMember object to update:

CampaignMember queriedCampaign = [SELECT ID FROM CampaignMember WHERE CampaignID = :campId AND Email = :email LIMIT 1];


In general, you declare and assign values in the form of:

DataType variableName [= someValue];

Where [= someValue] is optional.


Integer x = 5;
Integer y; // Has no value, a "null" value

Query Fields

For queries, you don't generally use the Object.Field syntax, unless referring to a parent object (see query updated, above).


SELECT CampaignMember.Email FROM CampaignMember 


SELECT Email FROM CampaignMember
SELECT Campaign.Name FROM CampaignMember

Assignment (again)

Then, you can assign the values to that record:

queriedCampaign.Medium__c = medium;
queriedCampaign.Source__c = source;

Notice how this is in the form of:

variable.property = valueToAssign;

For simple variables, such as String or Integer, the assignment is in the form of:

variable = valueToAssign;


Integer x = 5;
Integer y;
y = x * 2; // Multiply x times 2, and place that value in y. x is still 5.

DML Operations

Finally, to update the record, you:

update queriedCampaign;

Generically, DML is in the form of:

operation recordOrRecordList;

You'll find all of this in the documentation and on the Apex trailhead (and other trails there you can follow for free!).

  • Thanks so much! Jumping into Trailhead now. You = The Man. – Mktg_ops Jan 14 at 2:36

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