I have a custom field Details populated by the Case's Subject and Case Description separated by a newline. In process builder, my formula to update Details field is

 Case.Subject & BR() & Case.Description

Example output of Details Field:

Test Case Subject
Test Case Desc

Now I need to get these values separately and populate 2 separate fields.
Expected output is

Field 1 value should be the 1st line

Field 2 value should be the 2nd line.

I have a Custom Label "LineBreak" with value:


In process builder, using a formula I also found in another forum, my formula to update Field 1 is:

IF(CONTAINS([Case].Details__c , MID($Label.LineBreak,2,1)),LEFT([Case].Details__c ,FIND(MID($Label.LineBreak,2,1),[Case].Details__c )),[Case].Details__c ) 

and I am thinking of replacing "LEFT" with "RIGHT" for the Field 2.

However I am having problems with the actual output.
Field 1 actual output is:

Test Case Subject Test Case Desc

which is not the expected. I'm not sure what I'm missing.

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    This may be dumb, but why can't you just use the Case Subject for field 1 since that's the first line of the details field? Why concatenate and then split them up again? Not sure if I'm missing something. – Kris Goncalves Jan 13 at 21:16

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