I am trying to extract data from synchronized data extension "Case_Salesforce" to show on an email. Is it possible to do this? I am using lookup function to achieve. I can get synchronized data extension "Contact_Salesforce" ,but cannot get data out of "Case_Salesforce". Does Anyone know what the differnce is between them?

var @lookupvalue,@CaseId,@Subject,@ContactEmail,@Status<br>
set @lookupvalue = AttributeValue("_subscriberkey")<br>
set @CaseId = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","Id","Id",@lookupvalue)<br>
set @Subject = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","Subject","Id",@lookupvalue)<br>
set @ContactEmail = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","ContactEmail","Id",@lookupvalue)<br>
set @Status = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","Status","Id",@lookupvalue)<br>
Case Detail<br>
  • AttributeValue("_subscriberkey") delete the " that it becomes AttributeValue(_subscriberkey) – Johannes Schapdick Jan 10 at 8:15
  • I revised this script as you commented but didn't work. – Masashi Jan 10 at 8:19
  • Is the column where your subscriberkey is located really named "id" in all dataextensions? Is it really subscriberkey or is it subscriberid? Furthermore this makes no sense set @CaseId = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","Id","Id",@lookupvalue) you lookup the "ID" value and search with ID you insert there. That makes no sense – Johannes Schapdick Jan 10 at 8:21
  • One sidenote: It makes no sense to do 4 Lookups against the same dataextension when you could use LookUpRows oder LookUpOrderedRows functions. – Johannes Schapdick Jan 10 at 8:35
  • Thank you for your advice. Though I wondered that the error is difference between "Contact_Salesforce" and “Case_Salesforce”,can ampscript I modify well extract data from synchronized data extension “Case_Salesforce” ? – Masashi Jan 10 at 8:50
  • Please make sure you have these additional fields added to your SYNCED object. enter image description here
    • Then make sure you are searching based on "ContactID" and NOT "Id"
var @lookupvalue,@CaseId,@Subject,@ContactEmail,@Status
set @lookupvalue = "0030o00002dgaRDAAY"
set @CaseId = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","Id","ContactId",@lookupvalue)
set @Subject = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","Subject","ContactId",@lookupvalue)
set @ContactEmail = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","ContactEmail","ContactId",@lookupvalue)
set @Status = Lookup("Case_Salesforce","Status","ContactId",@lookupvalue)

Case Detail
CaseID:%%=v(@CaseId)=%% <br/>
Subject:%%=v(@Subject)=%% <br/>
Status:%%=v(@Status)=%% <br/>
  • I have hardcoded the subkey for testing. And it worked for me! enter image description here
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  • Thank you for your advice. I confirmed that your script works in my instance as expected. Would you tell me what I should use to instead of hard-code? "subkey"? or "subid"? – Masashi Jan 10 at 9:28
  • @Masashi - subid is an internal ID of SFMC. The Contact ID from SC is to be referenced as subkey – Lukas Lunow Jan 10 at 9:54
  • @Kumar Can't any fields except Contact ID from SF referenced as subkey? – Masashi Jan 10 at 10:08
  • As per my knowledge it's always better only to use either ContactId or. LeadId as SubKey.... Preferably 18digitId if u have.. else u can go with regular 15 digit IDs – Vishal Kumar C V Jan 10 at 19:09

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