I created an Update Record quick action. Inside the quick action I am trying to update one field which is a picklist field. The picklist field have these options: Item 1, Item 2 and Item 3.

I want to set the predefined field value as "Item 1" if the current value of the picklist is NULL. Then set the field value as NULL if the current value is not NULL.

Here is the formula I have.

IF(TEXT(Picklist__c) = "", "Item 1", "")

When the current value is null it is working as expected. However if the value is not null, it is just displaying what is the current value when the quick action pops. Is there any way to set the value to NULL aside from empty string and NULL?

  • so you tried NULL instead of "" and it also did not work? – Kris Goncalves Jan 10 at 2:15
  • yeah we also tried NULL but same output – r.tolentino Jan 10 at 2:23

Here is the formula that I tried in my dev org and it seems to be working:

IF (ISBLANK(TEXT(Type)) ,'Item 1', '')

I've used ISBLANK function to check if the picklist has any value.

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  • This is not working when the picklist already have a value. When the user click the quick action it will just display the current value instead of setting the predefined value as null. – r.tolentino Jan 12 at 23:48

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