I am able to edit Aura components in developer console. However I want to edit some files in LWC components also like the js-meta.xml but I am unable to find those components under lightning resources.

Is there a way?

Thank You

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Unfortunately, you cannot as noted in the LWC documentation.

Develop Lightning web components with a workflow that fits your needs. We recommend Salesforce DX tools, but you might be in a situation where those tools are not supported. You can still use your favorite code editor and deploy to an org using your own tools. However, you can’t develop Lightning web components in the Developer Console.

Setting up your development environment goes over how you can edit it, but also reiterates that you cannot develop in Developer Console.

  • ok thank you. Yeah it was a short tweak I wanted to do to see on my local sandbox. But I will just deploy it.
    – kratos
    Commented Jan 9, 2020 at 19:34

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