in the community, we have a standard detail page where we want to restrict customer to update the status field what we have done until are following.

  1. CSS by a hierarchy of dom inside aura HTML but failed when the client changed the position of the field.

  2. we tried on inner HTML

    var elements = document.getElementsByClassName("uiPicklistLabel"); console.log(elements); for(var x=0; x < elements.length; x++) { console.log(elements[x]); if(elements[x].children[0].innerHTML="Status"){ console.log(elements[x].children[0].innerHTML); elements[x].nextSibling.classList.add("statusactivecss"); } }

and add CSS to added class.

it's working fine while direct use in the console but in ltng:require scripts= DOM change later when we click edit and again fail to hide any suggestion related to this


  • I may be misunderstanding, but can you not make that "Status" field read only for the community profiles? – Kris Goncalves Jan 9 at 13:46
  • @KrisGoncalves I want to restrict some field for any profile to update – sfdc Jan 10 at 5:19

You cannot make read-only the status field to Community Users and any other profile as well as you cannot remove it from a Page layout. One Way is that you can write a validation rule based on the Community User profile and restrict that user from changing the value.

The validation rule can be something like that.

ISCHANGED(Status) && $Profile.Name = 'Community Profile Name'

If you want to allow certain statuses while creating a new case you can add that exception as well like, let's say you want to allow the new case can only have 'New' status when it is created by a community user, you can tweak the validation rule like below.

$Profile.Name = 'Community Profile Name' && ((ISNEW() && !ISPICKVAL(Status, 'New')) || (!ISNEW() && ISCHANGED(Status) ))
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