Am facing issue while deploying lightning page related changes to other org using [flexipage]xml file.

Error: All Component Failures: 1. flexipages/APTS_Quote_Record.flexipage -- Error: The facet Facet-49b51294-e133-47b0-ae7c-c9c78c9c7c10 is defined by a component in the FlexiPage but not actually used.


  • are you able to provide the xml of the flexipage? Jan 9, 2020 at 12:48

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I have faced the similar issue today while deploying changes related to account lightning page. We have removed one history tab from the lightning page. I have added the changes that shows only the removal of history tab. But later we found that metadata also retrieves some kind of metadata as well and the error is resolved after including this as well as part of the changes.

below is the metadata :


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