I need to be able to set one of 3 data protection modes from an Android client that uses the MarketingCloud SDK. I understand based on this that there is no way to do this via the SDK directly, and that I need to use the Contacts API to do this. This call seems like a possibility. The problem is that I can't find any methods to get the contactId from the SDK. I can get a blob of Json from MarketingCloudSdk.getInstance().getSdkState(), but it has no contactId field. Does anyone know how to retrieve the contactId based off of some field that the SDK will provide?

Once I have the contactId, how to I tell Salesforce which one of the 3 data protection modes I want to enable? In the above call, I only see fields for contactId and hasOptedOutTracking, which is a boolean. Is there a more specific call for setting these modes?

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ContactID is not available through the SDK. Please open a voice of customer request for this feature and, in the interim, you can request the appropriate privacy mode through your account executive. All devices tied together via Contact Key will be notified and respect the privacy settings indicated by the server-side contact.


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