I have an PROMO keyword which I use as the attached keyword for all my new Marketing SMS messages. I send emails to customers to allow them to Opt-In to these SMS promotions, currently they have to text the exact Keyword PROMO to sign up, but this is difficult to track when I have multiple campaigns pushing the same keyword.

I wanted to know if it's possible to setup setup a new keyword such OFFER2020 which instead of opting them into OFFER2020 opts them into PROMO. The reason for this is so I can have individual signup keywords for each campaign and can track which campaigns users are signing up to the generic PROMO keyword.

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You can't configure the Mobile Opt-in template in Mobile Connect to be triggered by a different keyword than the one you want to subscribe them to.

To achieve this you would need to a text new interactive text message (Text Response template on your OFFER2020 keyword) that will use ampscript to write the data about this customer (SubscriberKey found with a lookup to your database, phone number and locale) to a data extension

Next you would need to create an import definition in Contact Builder that will opt-in contacts from this data extension to your Promo keyword.

You could probably also do with Ampscript if you could find an API call that creates a mobile subscription.

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