Is it possible to use a windowing function in Einstein Analytics dataflow?(trying to use 'Running Total') Currently using computeRelative to group the data by a dimension, ordering it by date (defining it in the node's UI) Then computing a new field using the SAQL:

sum('Month_Budget') over ([..0] partition by all order by ('Date_Year', 'Date_Month'))

Receive the error:

Unsupported operation type WINDOW: sum('Month_Budget') over [..#0] partition by () order by ('Date_Year' asc, 'Date_Month' asc)

I am not sure whether it's a clash that I already define the partition and the ordering in the UI and then try to do it in SAQL again?

Is there a way to achieve this differently..?

Thank you so much

  • I think, that is exactly the problem. You define the partitioning and ordering in the computeRelative node, then repeat the windowing within the computed field. – Patrick R. Jan 13 at 14:59

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