I have a custom object called AdobeMeeting__c and platform event Meeting__e. If I did the changes in AdobeMeeting__c object,I need to push the notification to my external system(adobe connect).

For that I have created a trigger on AdobeMeeting__c object and it push the changes to platform event Meeting__e.

But here my question is how can I subscribe the channel and get the notifications in my external system.

is it possible with lightning:empapi or cometD? and if both which is best ?

Can any One tell me the flow how can I achieve this.

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Adobe Connect has a rich API -- why not exploit it?

As far as I can see, it is a web services API (not REST API) so you'll need to use these Salesforce resources to help you:

There are also middleware solutions like Mulesoft, Boomi, etc. worth considering.

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