I am trying to figure out if we can save a class which is used in a batch job.

I am unable to save a class. I can't save the class when a batch job is running. I don't want to abort the job. Is there another way, except the Ant tool, I can save this class?

Setup | Deployment Settings | Allow deployments of components when corresponding Apex jobs are pending or in progress.

Caution: Enabling this option may cause Apex jobs to fail.

The above applies to deploying into a target org

If you are developing in a sandbox, and you are editing an apex class that is used in a running job of that sandbox, you need to abort the job in order to save the class.

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    Also available via the Metadata API. Still not a good idea. – David Reed Jan 7 at 18:20
  • I also did that but it's not working, so I am in a sandbox I also can't deploy on this sandbox, but I can't abort the job. – Malik Jan 7 at 18:23
  • see updated answer; why can't you abort the job in your sandbox? – cropredy Jan 7 at 18:27
  • @Malik You won't be able to save (Tooling restriction). You can use workbench, sfdx, ant toolkit, etc, but the Developer Console won't be able to. – sfdcfox Jan 7 at 19:41

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