I'm showing a list of objects to my users, I would like them to have a quick view on the values of 5 fields of this object. For this purpose I feel like a datatable is the best component to use. But I would also like them to be able to click on a specific row and get more information on that specific record (in the form of a card for example).

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I couldn't find any examples like that using lightning web component. I found this kind of example using aura : Is there a way to insert a <div> right below a datatable row? but from my understanding, I cannot use aura component in LWC.

Any solution ? Or suggestion of what I should look into to solve this ?

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This is doable if you add a row action (column with dropdown of possible action) to data table and create it as a link or button which opens Modal (having card if you will) showing your required details from that Row. In you controller have a handler for onrowaction={handleRowActions} within the lightning-datatable>

Hope this helps.

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