The context of the logs that are published in both are looking Identical but the logs are different. All I can see is this documentation. Can someone give a proper difference between the both?

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Real time event monitoring is limited to selected events:

STREAMING               STORAGE             POLICY
ApiEventStream          ApiEvent            ApiEvent
LightningUriEventStream LightningUriEvent   n/a
ListViewEventStream     ListViewEvent       ListViewEvent
LoginAsEventStream      LoginAsEvent        n/a
LoginEventStream        LoginEvent          LoginEvent
LogoutEventStream       LogoutEvent         n/a
ReportEventStream       ReportEvent         ReportEvent
UriEventStream          UriEvent            n/a

Real-time event monitoring supports Transaction Security Policies so you can, for example, block the export of report data for sensitive objects.

Real-time event monitoring uses a different data storage mechanism (Big Objects) than the "original" Shield Event Monitoring which uses EventLogFile object and were/are intended for consumption by 3rd party logging systems like Splunk or Sumo Logic (although can also be analyzed by the Shield-included Event Monitoring app)

See Winter 20 Release Notes

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