I am working on an android project that utilizes the Salesforce Mobile SDK. I have recently implemented Push notification, this was working fine till Dec 19, 2019 firebase update.


After this update, Salesforce is unable to send push notification messages to the connected app. I have tried to send message from other servers/firebase API and it works fine, this only occurs when sending from Salesforce.

Below is an error screenshot when sending a message from connected app.

enter image description here

I have already raised this error to the Mobile SDK team and they asked me to raise it to salesforce.

I have tried with the SF SDK vanilla app and implemented Push notification and getting the same issue there too.

Am I missing anything?

Can I get any help?


Manish Kumar


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I was able to resolve the issue, their server key needs to update in Salesforce.

Below link was useful to resolve the issue.


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