async connectedCallback() {
    await this.ScrollToTop();
    let result = await getLocationwithKeys({});
    this.LocationAllData =await this.filterCountData(result);
    console.log('this.LocationAllData....' + JSON.stringify(this.LocationAllData));

async filterCountData(result) {
    for (let i = 0; i < result.length; i++) {
        let count = 0;
        if (result[i].VFD_Datas__r)
            count = count + result[i].VFD_Datas__r.length;
        if (result[i].Existing_Keys__r)
            count = count + result[i].Existing_Keys__r.length;
        if (result[i].Refrigeration_Data_Tables__r)
            count = count + result[i].Refrigeration_Data_Tables__r.length;
        if (result[i].Add_Sensors_Data__r)
        count = count + result[i].Add_Sensors_Data__r.length;
        result[i].count = count;
            result[i].showrecordy =true;
    return result;

error is coming on count and showrecordy as i am adding into array how can i resolve it.


It seems that with Spring 20, the response from apex has become non-extensible with additional parameters.


As workaround you can use result = Object.assign({}, result) for objects, or item = Object.assign({}, item) in a loop for each item in result for arrays

Or spread syntax data = { ...result };

Or one more dirty hack is JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(result));

  • Does anyone know if this change is documented anywhere? I have a scratch org that is on Winter 20, and a Sandbox that is on Spring 20, so I can verify that something was change, I just want to know why. – Ben Nguyen Jan 6 '20 at 21:01

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