I am using flow builder to create cases and assign them to specific queues based on criteria within the flow.

In the Assignment element, I can set OwnerId to a hard coded id string or a resource.

I would like to use a resource to keep it dynamic, but am not seeing an obvious way to get the queue id by name.

At the beginning of the flow, I could run an invocable action that pulls the queues through SOQL and return a list of queues back to a resource, but this seems inefficient and excessive.

I looked into using a formula variable resource, but I'm not seeing a path in formulas to query a queue based on name either.


Use the GetRecords Data Element to Query for the Queue SObject.

enter image description here

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    does this work? The Queue SObject has only two fields: QueueId and SobjectType. How would you query by name? – cropredy Jan 4 at 2:10

You can retrieve Queue Id dynamically by performing a lookup against Group object, check the query below

select Id , Name , Type from Group where Type= 'Queue'
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  • OP asked for querying by queue name so you need to extend the Where clause – cropredy Mar 7 at 6:10

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