So I used the following script to exclude a DE from my journey send.


After adding in my find DE name and email field, I added it to two of my email messages in my Journey that has two messages for testing purposes.

After I ran my journey with that exclusion script in place for 2 of my messages, I have 10 contacts in my DE that I wanted to exclude and it appeared to work. I did not receive an email message to my inbox.

How would I confirm within Journey builder that this exclusion actually worked though?

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There isn’t an easy report that you can just pull that would tell you the exclusion script has worked successfully. You essentially have to compare the records in your journey data extension to the records in the _Sent data view.

This can be done using a SQL query activity and using the WHERE NOT EXISTS statement.

For example, you have your Journey Data Extension and you can query the _Sent data view where TriggeredSendCustomerKey equals your journey send.

Your SQL query would contain a nested select statement.

(SELECT 1 FROM Sent_Journey s
WHERE s.email = j.email)
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    Thanks for the your answer! I'll definitely look into this and do a compare. Appreciate it.
    – Michael
    Commented Jan 2, 2020 at 1:00

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