Using SFMC-SOAP API I was able to do the following

Steps that were successfully done prior to hitting the problem:

  1. Create a DataExtension where we had 3 distinct attributes namely Subscriber Key, First Name and Last Name.

  2. Then Post successful DataExtension creation, able to successfully create an import definition. Programmatically able to import the values from an xls sheet. As of now I am able to see the values imported successfully into data extension as

    SubscriberKey = 10001, First Name = Rajesh, Last Name = Natarajan, Email = [email protected]

  3. Then able to generate an email definition where the email template is correctly associated with data extension that is programmatically defined.

  4. I am able to send an email to the associated email that is defined in data extension and i received successfully the email in my email box .

What is the problem that I am facing?

The data extension has all values which is part of subscribers--> Data Extension Link. While going to Subscribers -->All Subscribers Link and search with the Subscriber key 100001, I am able to see the value as a record post search that enlists [email protected] clicking on the attributes tab of the record ,the values that were programmatically set are all blank i.e First Name = and Last Name = . None of the attributes that are programmatically set in data extension is listed as values . Hence my downstream process which expects those attributes are all failing values

Can anyone help in permanently setting data extension values and make it listed in Subscriber--> All Subscriber link?

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Data Extension values are completely separate from All Subscribers and it was built that way on purpose. In order to force the information inside of a Data Extension into All Subscribers, you will need to export the info from the Data Extension and then import it into Subscribers.

There are a few ways to import into All Subscribers, including:

  1. SSJS via Subscriber.Update, or Subscriber.Upsert
  2. Via SOAP API (or WSProxy) using Update Method
  3. or (Recommended for Bulk Updates) via Automation

I personally recommend Option 3, unless it is very light volume/frequency. Basically what it would be is:

  1. Data Extract of your Data Extension
  2. File Transfer of the Extract to your FTP
  3. Import Activity into All Subscribers.

enter image description here

Inside your Import Activity you should make sure to correctly map the names of the fields to ensure all the data is passed in correctly.


@Gortonington Your 3rd suggestion was partially helpful , What i did to solve over and above your suggestion is the following Post my successful data extension, past step 2.

2B. I created a second soap api request where i selected All SUbscribers . I got the id from the properties of All subscribers . I set that ID in the SOAP payload request .

2C.Then I was able to create a second import definition which points to All Subscribers . Then I was able to import the data .

As such two steps one creating data extension structure which is needed for email definition and the other step is to create All subscriber list using SOAP API , and programmatically importing the data . I now see the attribute list populated.

Thank you @GorToNington with your timely help. Hope my appended answer helps others .

p.s : For getting the ID for All subscribers , I struggled for few hours ,then this link where publication list being mentioned was helpful to get the id List ID of a publication list in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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