I am trying to apply a filter

Date_Received>= toDate(date_to_epoch(now())-(31556926))

in filter transformation in Einstein dataflow.

toDate(date_to_epoch(now())-(31556926)) is giving the expected output

2018-12-31 06:03:36

But I am getting the below error while executing dataflow:

Something went wrong while executing the filter:Date_Received_one_year node: Incompatible types: STRING and DATE in 'Date_Received' >= |2018-12-31 06:03:36 (02K0r0000009ZcIEAU_03C0r000000HMRSEA4)

Any help will be highly appreciated

  • Based on the error, it sounds like "Date_Received" is a string whereas the other half of the compare is a date. If you add toDate(Date_Received) to the beginning does it work? Commented Dec 31, 2019 at 13:46

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You cannot use a function within a filter Transformation.

To achieve that, you have to use a computeExpression and generate a new field (for example dateFilter -> toDate(date_to_epoch(now())-(31556926)) ) Then use that dateFilter Field to filter out rows. I have struggled with that many times. Some error texts in Salesforce are pretty misleading IMHO

After the filter you can slice that field if you don't need it anymore.

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