I'm working on a Visualforce Email Template which will be sent from the parent Loan (LLC_BI__Loan__c) record in Salesforce, and I'm trying to include fields from the child Entity Involvement (LLC_BI__Legal_Entities__c) record(s).

I'm unable to pass the correct parent (Loan) Id to get the correct child records. Can anyone see where I may be going wrong ?

Thank you in advance

Component:(Name = BorrowerRecordsFromLoans)

<apex:component controller="BorrowersOnLoans" access="global">
   <apex:attribute name="currentRecordId" description="" assignTo="{!loanId}" type="Id"/>
   <apex:dataTable value="{!relatedBorrowers}" var="borrower">
      <apex:column >
         <apex:facet name="header">Borrower Name</apex:facet>

Controller: (Name = BorrowersOnLoans)

public class BorrowersOnLoans { 

    public Id loanId { get; set { loanId = value; loadChildren(); } } 
    public LLC_BI__Legal_Entities__c[] relatedBorrowers { get; set; } 

    void loadChildren() 
        List <LLC_BI__Legal_Entities__c> entList = new List<LLC_BI__Legal_Entities__c>(); 
        for(LLC_BI__Loan__c loan: [SELECT Id, (SELECT Entity_Name__c FROM LLC_BI__Legal_Entities__r ORDER BY Borrower_Number__c) FROM LLC_BI__Loan__c WHERE Id = :loanId])
            for(LLC_BI__Legal_Entities__c ent:loan.LLC_BI__Legal_Entities__r) entList.add(ent); 

Email Template:

<c:BorrowerRecordsFromLoans currentRecordId="{!relatedTo.Id}" />

In the email template make sure you define object name in relatedToType="LLC_BI__Loan__c".

<messaging:emailTemplate subject=" test" recipientType="" relatedToType="LLC_BI__Loan__c">
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